Workplace Intelligence

Workplace Intelligence

We are helping customers to utilise floors and spaces better.

We have launched an exciting new Software as a Service that will enable customers to monitor how their office is utilised by their staff more closely.

Real-time workplace analytics like these will help a business to make smarter decisions around future office design, layout, space utilisation and technology procurement. We call it ‘Workplace Intelligence‘.

The benefits include a happier workforce with increased productivity and cost savings.

Get ahead of the curve.

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A tool for facilities managers

Maximise your return on investment

This Workplace Intelligence software bundle offers the user a full building management system.

This jam-packed package, offered as a complete service by TwistedPair, is made up of three core data-led elements:

  1. An advanced facilities management sensing solution
  2. An AV control and network management tool
  3. An easily digestible workplace analytics software.

With the introduction of this Workplace Intelligence engine, it is now possible with very little investment to measure real-time people counting and presence within any given space.

A smart solution can be installed at the design phase or retrospectively, to provide real business insight into how an environment is occupied.

A better understanding of how an environment is used will allow a buisness to adapt its workplace design to suit the employee and their requirements as these change over time.