Wholesale Line Rental

We make wholesale line rental as simple as possible, with a variety of different options available to assist you and suit each of your companies individual needs. To find out more about how our phone line rental could help you, get in touch today!

Business Line Rental

Phone lines are the backbone to any phone system and as a provider of secure and reliable line rental services, we have a number of technologies to suit any organisations needs and budgets.  

SIP trunks:

Sometimes called VOIP, SIP is the modern day replacement of ISDN2 and ISDN30 digital phone lines. SIP allows you to have a geographical telephone number from any region, anywhere in the world, has no requirement or link to BT, can be installed remotely, instantly and is very cost effective, featuring free calls to UK mobiles and landlines.

ISDN2 and ISDN30:

ISDN2 allows 2 concurrent calls per pair and is a digital technology. It can be installed with up to 4 pairs, allowing 8 concurrent calls. An ISDN30 is for organisations that require more than 8 people on the phone at any one time. Both of these technologies are to be phased out by BT as of 2025.

Analogue Lines:

Analogue lines have long been used at home for phone calls, for fax, phones in lifts, alarms and ADSL broadband. This is an old but robust technology that will eventually be phased out due to the increase in fibre to the property as fibre is a much more cost effective solution to deploy than copper, which the current analogue networks infrastructure is built upon.

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