Video Conferencing

Video Conference Meetings

Technology is evolving constantly and the days of travelling long distances to gather in stuffy rooms and sit around in a dull meeting are long gone. Instead you can communicate clearly and effectively in real time, with employees and clients all across the globe from the comfort of your own desk.

Modern Video Conferencing

Modern video conferencing systems take out any of the hassle which may arise from trying to get together a group of very busy individuals, who need to commute across the country to have meetings. Not only is this much more efficient, but it takes away factors such as travel costs and time. For those who live further from the meeting point, they no longer need to waste an entire day commuting for a meeting which might only last an hour.

You may be familiar with software such as Skype for Business, Cisco Webex Meetings, Vidyo and Polycom Real Presence Platform; all effective forms of hosting online meetings of various types. We strive to ensure that all of the platforms and equipment we use are up to date and continuously seek out new and modern alternatives to provide efficient solutions, meeting all of your requirements.

With the use of up to date audio visual equipment, you can not only speak directly to other conference members but also see one another clearly, often in HD. There’s also the possibility of sharing your screen with the rest of the group, for example to show a presentation or conduct a webinar. The collaborative possibilities really are endless and new video conference meetings solutions are being developed every single day!

Zoom Rooms

One product we are proud to distribute here at TwistedPair are Zoom Rooms. These are a smart and efficient software designed to make video conference meeting’s as simple as possible. This fully cloud-based platform offers you the ability to work with others across the world, with wireless sharing capabilities, in full high definition, whilst managing multiple conference rooms using a single admin console. You’ll be able to see the overview status and management of deployed conference rooms from this central monitoring dashboard, enabling the system to be supervised and managed simply and efficiently.


Huddly cameras combine software, hardware and AI to produce incredible videos, making your meeting experiences much more detailed and efficient. With a 150* wide angle lens, you’ll always be able to get everyone perfectly in the picture.  Their IQ cameras are designed to be smarter, responding to their environments in real time. There’s no need to control the camera manually, as they’re able to automate the user experience in a variety of new and exciting ways. The camera is able to recognise individuals within the room and ensure they are clearly in focus, understanding it’s surroundings. With the IQ being USB Powered and compatible with any platform, it’s perfect for any meetings be them small huddle rooms or larger collaboration spaces. Simply plug in and be ready to go.

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