Audio Visual

Add impact to interaction using sound and video.

We are audio visual experts with over 14 years of experience designing and installing AV systems. With hundreds of successful projects under our belts and many satisfied clients on our books, our focus is lead by providing reliable audio visual solutions, all of which are carefully selected to meet each clients bespoke needs.

Our experience allows us to deliver the best technical advice and integrate systems which will not just fit a client’s requirements now, but stand the test of time.

Video Conferencing & Wireless Presentation

The world of visual conferencing can be a little daunting at first. We have vast experience across all types of video communication to ease the pain. While consumer brands like Google Meet and Skype for Business are making video more accessible, Cisco Spark and Polycom still have the professional edge.

But hot on their heels are the likes of Zoom and Starleaf whose innovative cloud-based models bridge the gap between the standards. The opportunities for crystal clear video conferencing are truly endless, and we advise and deliver the best mixture of video technology to ensure maximum results – whatever the target.

With our wireless solutions, true collaboration is seamless and straightforward. Teamwork needs to be free-flowing and able to keep pace with sharing ideas, files and feedback. You can avoid wasting time and losing concentration by needing to switch cables and alter controls. We keep it simple for you.

Sound Reinforcement

The most essential part of any video conference or presentation is the audio, there is nothing worse than a crackly line and sound issues. Our sound reinforcement systems work with not only professional codecs from Cisco Spark and Polycom but also consumer brands and cloud-based products like Google Meet, Skype for Business, Zoom and Starleaf. By combining microphones, signal processors, mixers, amplifiers and loudspeakers, we make live or pre-recorded sounds louder and more precise, so they can be distributed evenly to an audience of virtually any size at any location.

LED Displays

LED technology is delivering real results and is now the first choice for creating high impact. It’s extreme high brightness, and modular construction means it is flexible in every sense, catering to spaces of any shape and size. Developments in LED displays make them extremely suitable for indoor environments due to rapidly reducing pitches, meaning that LED displays can be comfortably viewed from much closer, sometimes as little as a metre. Their brightness, modularity and bezel-less construction can be turned into advantages in almost any environment, resulting in this technology fitting even the smallest office space, providing a professional and clear image.

Displays, Video Walls and Digital Signage

Our display and video wall solutions come in all shapes and sizes from televisions, commercial displays and interactive panels to single projectors and huge multi-projector blends. In addition, projector mapping allows us to harness the latest display technologies to present your message professionally with depth and clarity.

TwistedPair makes it easy to create impactful, branded content that demands attention. We ensure your message is simple to disseminate and distribute across networks to reach a target audience that can stay informed and act fast.

Our intelligent digital signage software combines data from various sources, including databases, RSS feeds, news information and internal feeds with your video media assets to produce tailored, targeted content that’s viewer-centric and a breeze to manage.


Control is all about added simplicity. Our skilled team of in house programmers and technical designers will put a series of customised and skilfully-orchestrated events into motion. Reception areas, meeting rooms and other workspaces can be transformed quickly to create the right mood and environment for every moment in the life of your business. We also offer a bespoke interface design to ensure you have the functions you need at your fingertips with intuitive design and zero lag.

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