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System downtime, lost connectivity and intermittent problems can impact your employees, customers and profitability. But with TwistedPair as your support partner, you can avoid all this and get issues resolved rapidly with our world-class 24/7 support and electrical maintenance services, all with a single point of contact.


Although this may not be the most cost-effective way to support your investment if ever you find yourself in a situation that needs instant support, we will be there. With or without a support contract in place. We are always here to help.


Why wait till it goes wrong? With regular planned visits by our experts, you can avoid annoying and costly emergencies. Our team start this process with an on-site visit where we carry out a full system health check. Within this system MOT, our engineers will check all of your equipment to ensure it is all working correctly and pick up any faults prior. These checks will be carried out at regularly planned intervals depending on the type of maintenance contract.

Service Level Backed

An essential for anyone who values their installation. With our marketing leading service contracts, we offer a guaranteed response and fix times. We also operate a 24/7 helpdesk to those who need it, ensuring you are operational as quickly as possible, reducing downtimes and stress levels.

Smart Hands

Smart Hands is a technical support service where our professional staff can either proactively or reactively fix any issues that may arise with your equipment. This means that you don’t need to travel in to fix the equipment yourself or hire an outside agency to deal with the issue for you. Our process will save you time, money and most importantly, any stresses involved with arranging and managing technical support, as well as ensuring that your equipment has the minimum downtime possible.

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