Design & Fit

Communication System Design & Fit

Our in-house team of technical design engineers and programmers create detailed drawing packages, enabling our engineering teams and project managers to develop legendary communication system designs.

Analysis and Design

We instantly commence detailed analysis and design work. Once we have been contracted by the client, our in-house team of technical designers will connect the dots between hi-tech brands using the latest drawing packages. This work is completed in parallel to procurement activities to ensure we meet demanding schedules where required.

First & Second Fix

We start with the first fix enabling works which are located within or attached to the fabric of the building in places like floors, ceilings and walls. Once complete, we can begin the second fix works, which include the termination and presentation of all installed cables and also installation of all existing hardware such as switches, controllers and digital signal processors. Once the physical side is taken care of, we then do what we do best and get really technical. This includes things like configuration and programming of all the systems and interfacing with other client IT installations. Why do we do this? So that you can sit back and enjoy the benefits of the system without worrying about how it works.

Connection to other systems

During the design phase, we will define whether we are required to interface with other supplier services. TwistedPair then takes responsibility and provide details of the connections required. We ensure that all other trades and teams are fully aware and understand what is expected of them. This level of communication is essential to ensure that everyone knows their role in the successful delivery and completion of a project.

Acceptance Testing, Commissioning & Training

We use this stage to ensure the systems are fully functioning such that Site Acceptance Testing is a straight-forward sign-off process, leading to successfully trained and happy customers. At the end of this stage, we ensure the overall system is fully operational and complies with all requirements and standards. We won’t let you down.

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