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Opex Bundles

Is the AV in your business holding you back?

Our Opex Bundles are the answer you are seeking.

No upfront costs!!

Audio Visual (AV) technology is evolving at a rate of knots. Many companies, particularly start-ups and smaller organisations are more likely to face limitations with expenditure, resulting in a potential lack of suitable collaborative AV solutions in their business.

OPEX, an acronym for operational expenditure, are expenses that are paid on a month by month basis. This payment strategy allows businesses the chance to pay for the things they need without breaking the bank.

Our Opex Bundles, offered in three pricing variations (Bronze, Silver and Gold – detailed below) will enable our clients the chance to purchase ‘top-shelf’ AV solutions without being hindered by budget limitations. Our solution, with a level of flexibility you’re unlikely to find elsewhere, offers a package completely tailored and bespoke to suit your individual needs and budget, and won’t just suit right now but that will also meet your future requirements.

Find out what you can afford and the package option best suited for you and your business via the finance calculator button below.

Bronze Option


Small space. Big benefits.

Our Bronze option includes virtual content sharing.

In the same way a sports team may ‘huddle-up’ to plan their next moves, a huddle room in business is a strategically small meeting space that is designed to empower people to meet quickly and easily. A room of this type is perfect for 4-5 people.

What would work in this room?

1. Laptop with HDMI Connection
2. TV / LED Monitor
3. Video Conferencing Solution
4. Small Central Table for Sitting / Standing
5. Chairs (optional)

Prices start from approx £80 per month on a 3, 4 or 5 year term.
All solutions are bespoke to fit clients needs.
Silver Option


Video Conferencing for every room.

Our Silver option includes software-based
conferencing solutions.

Does your meeting room space need a professional update that’s accessible to staff at the touch of a button? Lean on a software based service that includes
professional HD video, integrated audio and wireless content sharing capabilities. Catch up with your clients and staff for meetings and presentations with minimal fuss.

What would work in this room?

1. TV / LED Monitor
2. Camera
3. Table Speaker and Microphone Combo
4. Video Conferencing (VC) Software
5. iPad for Room Control
6. Integrated Calendar for Room Booking
7. Medium Sized Table and Chairs

Prices start from approx £160 pounds per month on a 3, 4 or
5 year term. ALL solutions are bespoke to fit clients needs.
Gold Option


Unified communications.

Our Gold option offers team wide collaboration software.

Bring your teams together across multiple sites, worldwide, in a space with a solution that keeps people and work connected and working in unity – Anywhere and on any device. Add a wow factor to your conferencing room for visitors to your office and clients who request video meetings, and save your business costs on travel and resource.

What would work in this room?

1. Duel Screen TV / LED Monitors
2. Repeater Screens
3. HD Camera
4. Ceiling Speakers
5. Table / Ceiling Microphones
6. Team Wide VC and Collaboration Software
7. iPad for Room Control
8. Cable Cubbies to Power Multiple Devices
9. Interactive Whiteboard
10. Room Management Control System
11. Room Booking Panel
12. Wireless Connectivity
13. Large Sized Table and Chairs

Prices start from approx £230 pounds per month on a 3,4 or
5 year term. All solutions are bespoke to fit clients needs.

Key Reasons to Choose an Opex Bundle

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It is likely that your competitors are already exploring this option so don’t fall behind and put in place the necessary essentials to support your dynamic, growing workforce.

Give your business the tools to grow.

Eliminate Financial Restrictions

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