Do you want your businesses to punch above its weight, do cool things affordably and free up valuable time for you? We'll show you how.

At TwistedPair, you can speak to real experts – and get to know us. The way it should be. You can say ‘goodbye’ to faceless companies and impersonal call centres.

We’ll take care to listen to you and then suggest solutions within easy reach, whether it’s something simple or game-changing. There’s no ‘hard sell’, just great advice and clever options if you want them. We’ll be glad to help.

  • Voice

    Today’s business don’t need to be welded to their landlines or be restricted to expensive mobile contracts. You can mix, match, get extra features, become more flexible and save money.

    • Single number solutions (mobile and landline)
    • Cloud hosted or on-premise telephone systems
    • Desktop telephone handsets and headsets
  • Network

    Don’t let slow connections keep choking your productivity! We’ll get you superfast speeds at great prices. You can also use your line for voice calls and save money.

    • Superfast fibre broadband
    • Pre-configured wireless access routers/switches
    • Analogue, digital or VOIP telephone lines
  • Infrastructure

    New offices? Perhaps you’re scaling up, down or moving around? We’ll put the power and cables in the best places – with the minimum of fuss.

    • Helpful team, minimising disruption for you
    • Supply and install extension wiring
    • Periodic electrical inspections available
  • Audio Visual

    Invest in a business-class alternative to Skype and other consumer-grade services. Avoid those frustrating and embarrassing technical glitches. Make better, swifter decisions, face-to-face – but online.

    • Professional desktop video conferencing


Find out more on how our Small Business Solution could help you!

  • Is my business 'safe' in your hands?

    Good question. One word: Yes. We've been operating for more than 10 years and we've won prestigious awards. We're a successful company that's expanded steadily and sensibly. We don't put ourselves and our customers at risk.

  • What difference will I notice with TwistedPair?

    Lots of good things. Perhaps one standout feature is that our business relationship is personal. You get to know us as people. Also, each of us is an expert in our specialist subject and we work together seamlessly, so there's no danger of you being passed around (and lost) within a large, sprawling organisation.

  • What's the culture of your business?

    We're young and dynamic, while being pragmatic and realistic. We're excited about how we can help your business do very clever things quickly. But we also understand budgets, timelines and the day-to-day constraints of running a business.

  • How can I get the most from my relationship with TwistedPair?

    We're experts in a number of complementary disciplines. There's a huge advantage for you if you combine our services as a package. This can save money and hassle, as we manage projects so they dovetail seamlessly, on time and within budget. We take overall responsibility too, giving you peace of mind.

  • There are just a few people in my company. Are we too small to contact you?

    No. Please contact us. Our solutions can save you time and money. Some of our favourite customers are small teams. With our help, they can become more successful quickly - and sometimes grow into much bigger businesses.

  • We are working on a limited budget, can we afford to choose TwistedPair?

    Yes! We offer considerable value for money, and we compete with the best (and win!). However, where we really add value is by fully managing your expectations at the start and avoiding expensive pitfalls through effective project management.

  • Will your service save my business money?

    Yes, not only are we reliably competitive from the outset, our design teams will save you money on your full cost of ownership. Whether it's by introducing an energy-efficient lighting system, combining call spends into a single bill or by enabling easier conferencing for your boardroom to save on travel costs, there are many ways that our customers improve their overall business efficiency.

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