Do you want a 'best of both worlds' partner? We provide a personal, boutique-style service. But it's also backed by expert project management, extensive resources and reassuring support.

We fit around your needs, rather than trying to squeeze you into pre-prepared solutions. We combine flair and innovation with quality and professionalism, whether it’s a single project or a package of services, managed skilfully for you.

That’s why we’re trusted and recommended by so many mid-sized businesses.

  • Voice

    With our help, you can improve and transform your call capabilities. We offer wholesale integration, SIP ISDN, PSTN and mobile, We also design, install and maintain telephone systems with on-site and off-site options.

    • Fixed line and mobile integration
    • Traditional, VOIP or hosted telephone systems
    • Number portability and non-geographic numbers
    • Flexible business contracts
  • Network

    The performance and reliability of your network can be an accelerator or brake on your business. We provide guaranteed Ethernet for internet access, hosted services or private site connections. Then locally, we can design, install and maintain high-speed switched networks for all your devices, including desktops, laptops, tablets and VOIP phones.

    • Guaranteed Internet access
    • Fully Managed hardware (routers and firewalls)
    • Switched local network hardware
    • Secure wireless access (Wi-Fi)
  • Infrastructure

    TwistedPair gives you a huge advantage: we provide intelligent advice about the required infrastructure so everything works. This will help your business, and make sure nothing is missed in translation. We’ll make it happen too – with end-to-end, expertly-managed installations that involve installing wiring whether its for lights, power, data or voice.

    • Voice and data cabling
    • Data/server cabinet systems
    • Power and lighting design and installation
    • NICEIC and BISCI approved and accredited
  • Audio Visual

    Do you want to maximise the impact of your presentations and meetings with clients and colleagues? We design, install and maintain intuitive AV solutions for reception areas, boardrooms and meeting rooms.

    • Video conferencing
    • Large format displays and Pro audio
    • Room control/automation
    • Infocomm Members


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  • Is my business 'safe' in your hands?  

    Good question. One word: Yes. We've been operating for more than 10 years and we've won prestigious awards. We're a successful company that's expanded steadily and sensibly. We don't put ourselves and our customers at risk.

  • What difference will I notice with TwistedPair?

    Lots of good things. Perhaps one standout feature is that our business relationship is personal. You get to know us as people. Also, each of us is an expert in our specialist subject and we work together seamlessly, so there's no danger of you being passed around (and lost) within a large, sprawling organisation.

  • What's the culture of your business?

    We're young and dynamic, while being pragmatic and realistic. We're excited about how we can help your business do very clever things quickly. But we also understand budgets, timelines and the day-to-day constraints of running a business.

  • How can I get the most from my relationship with TwistedPair?

    We're experts in a number of complementary disciplines. There's a huge advantage for you if you combine our services as a package. This can save money and hassle, as we manage projects so they dovetail seamlessly, on time and within budget. We take overall responsibility too, giving you peace of mind.

  • We are working on a limited budget, can we afford to choose TwistedPair?

    Yes! We offer considerable value for money, and we compete with the best (and win!). However, where we really add value is by fully managing your expectations at the start and avoiding expensive pitfalls through effective project management.

  • What experience do you have delivering large projects?

    Our customers include some of the world's largest and most well known organisations. We have a great track record of successfully delivered large projects for them, across all the specialist industries we serve. Not just in the UK either but across the EMEA region.

  • We would benefit from some assistance to develop a technology strategy - do you have staff who can help us, without the big sell?

    It's good to know where to begin and the direction you're headed. It may be that you are in a new job role and require an impartial view of your working environment or just simply need a second opinion before making a major investment decision. Our pre-sales experts are glad to offer helpful advice - right up to documenting project feasibility, risk assessment, return on investment and project planning. We can create a technology concept that will provide the optimum results if you want to make it happen.

  • In my opinion, projects are all about the finish - what will happen after the project is complete?

    A satisfactory complete is essential. Only once our customers are fully trained and 100% satisfied with our finished product will we issue an operations and maintenance document (O&M) with safety instructions, user manuals, as built drawings and test results. Our in-house support team then step into place, making sure you and your systems continue to be well cared for.

  • Will your service save my business money?

    Yes, not only are we reliably competitive from the outset, our design teams will save you money on your full cost of ownership. Whether it's by introducing an energy-efficient lighting system, combining call spends into a single bill or by enabling easier conferencing for your boardroom to save on travel costs, there are many ways that our customers improve their overall business efficiency. 

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Accreditation & Registered Partners

  • Bisca
  • Cisco
  • Infocom
  • NIC
  • Ofcom
  • Constructionline