Business Telephony

Business Telephony

Do you want call savings, the latest IP technology, advanced phone features, conferencing and more?

TwistedPair is a one-stop shop for business calls. We specialise in state-of-the-art business phone systems, fixed lines, business mobile services and our expert support. We always look at the total cost of ownership so you gain real value alongside voice solutions that enable your business to thrive.

On-premise telephone systems

Choosing the right phone system can result in major benefits for your business. But it can be a big investment. We’ll provide insights into the capabilities of the technology available – so you can select the best fit for your business, from simple digital systems, right up to advanced SIP-based multisite unified communications platforms.

  • Avaya

    Enterprises of all sizes depend on Avaya unified communications to improve efficiency, collaboration, customer service and ultimately competitiveness.

  • Panasonic

    Focusing on ease of use, excellent audio quality and superb reliability, Panasonic telephone systems can be configured in a variety of different ways to ensure you get a solution that meets your specific  requirements.

  • Aastra

    Aastra is a leading global communications company providing solutions for small and medium sized businesses, as well as large mission-critical enterprise environments.

Cloud-based telephone system

Do you want to avoid having to purchase, install and maintain a phone system altogether? If so, then a cloud-based voice solution could be the answer. These versatile, internet-based systems are ideal for businesses with single or multiple sites. You can avoid heavy upfront costs, keep pace with technology more easily and benefit from a system that’s always available.

  • Focus on what matters

    With a CloudCall solution, the management of increasingly complex business communication is done for you off-site, allowing you to stay competitive by focusing on your core business.

  • Productivity Anywhere

    Whether you are sat at your desk, in the conference room or in a café, CloudCall provides you with powerful communication features no matter where and when business is done.

  • Automatic Upgrades

    CloudCall is constantly being upgraded in the background providing you with the latest technology available and making obsolete onsite equipment a thing of the past.

Voice conferencing

At last… business-class conferencing is within easy reach for every business. Whether communicating with colleagues, customers or suppliers, you can expect high-fidelity quality… as if you’re in the same room. This makes meetings more productive for everyone, whether based in the office, boardroom, working from home or on the move.

  • Broad Interoperability

    Ensuring easy integration with your communication systems today and into the future.

  • Legendary Voice Quality

    For clear communication and comprehension.

  • Ease of Use

    From the front desk to the executive office, and everywhere in between.

Non-geographic numbers

These ‘virtual’ numbers can liberate your business and make you more versatile in serving customers and supporting marketing campaigns.

  • Become easier to reach: Route calls dynamically
  • Boost marketing: Use specific numbers to support advertising campaigns
  • Never miss a call: Respond automatically to busy periods with divert options, call queuing and recorded announcements
  • Work smarter: Calls can be routed intelligently
  • Keep working: If your business has to move then your numbers go with you
  • 0800 Freephone

    Non-geographic numbers will enhance your company image and increase the response to sales and marketing campaigns.

  • 0845/0844 Freephone

    0845/0844 non-geographic numbers can be used to give your business a local presence giving your customers peace of mind.

  • 01xx/02xx Local Numbering

    It is now possible to have geographic-non geographic numbers whereby traditional geographic numbers such as 01xx/02xx numbers can also be intelligently routed to any existing landline or mobile telephone number rather than being tied to a particular exchange.



Want a plain-speaking mobile specialist who'll find you the ideal service at the right price?

Our mobile specialists have earned a strong reputation in providing outstanding services to our mobile business customers. Offering honest and professional advice, we’ll explore all the best options and most attractive commercial rates available to you.

Virtual network operator

As a virtual network operator with a business-class mobile phone service, TwistedPair can bring savings, control and advanced features direct to you, thanks to our partnership with Vodafone. You deal direct with us, as we take care of provisioning, pricing, billing and customer service. You can even take control of your telecoms features and costs through your own self-service portal.

  • Customise

    We can customise this product to cater for customers who feel restricted by the networks standard offering.

  • Choices

    With discounted or alternate service plans available – our customers have choices. Many pay as you go plans are offered to provide hybrid mobile phone plans. These plans fall somewhere between pay as you go plans and monthly rate plans.

  • Fixed Mobile Convergence

    Fixed Mobile Convergence (FMC) is a transition point in the telecommunications industry that finally removes the distinctions between fixed and mobile networks, providing a superior experience to customers by creating seamless services. The tariffs are highly competitive, particularly for end users that take both TwistedPair’s fixed and mobile services, with significant cost savings across both bills being achieved.

  • Significant Savings

    Combine your call spend across landline and mobile to benefit from economies of scale.

  • Free UK Calls

    Calls to all UK landline numbers (01,02) become free of charge.

  • More 'On Net'

    Calls from your TwistedPair Managed landlines to your TwistedPair Mobiles become ‘on net’ and therefore – Free!!

Access all areas

Which mobile operator, tariff and terms would best suit your business in delivering quality, service and value? TwistedPair has access to all the UK’s mobile network providers. We can search for the optimum service and provide impartial advice to you.

Wholesale Line Rental

Wholesale Line Rental

We offer a simpler, friendlier service, attuned to your needs.

TwistedPair gives you product choice, performance and service availability without the hassle and frustration of dealing with a ‘Goliath’ line provider. Our service works in an intuitive and user-friendly way.

Fixed telephone line services with wholesale integration

You don’t need to sign up with BT to take advantage of the BT network. Even though TwistedPair is an independent communications provider, we have the equivalent access to the BT Openreach UK network as BT’s own retail arm. This wholesale integration via WLR3 means we can directly manage the provisioning and billing of access products to you at reduced rates – and support them with a fast response to faults and early information on service changes.

  • Reduced Cost of Provisioning and Rental

    We can massively improve the speed and ease of placing orders for access products. We can now set customer expectations and reduce the end user cost.

  • Complete control and management of ongoing service (Assurance)

    TwistedPair are in complete control of the process, logging faults and managing expectations through comprehensive status updates.

  • Improved Service

    The depth of information available to the TwistedPair support team far exceeds anything previously available, we can now advise clients and action requests in real-time.

Access Products

These voice and data access products enable us to provide complete communication solutions to your company.

  • Wholesale Analogue Access (PSTN)

    Traditional telephone lines are still a core communication medium and have a vital role to play when delivering broadband and EFM.

  • ISDN2

    Digital telephone lines for smaller businesses.
    We can also use them as a cost-effective back
    up to SIP trunks, offering extra resilience.

  • Wholesale Digital Access - ISDN30

    With a minimum of 8 but up to 30 digital channels, ISDN30 is ideal for larger business with higher call rates.

Accreditation & Registered Partners

  • Bisca
  • Cisco
  • Infocom
  • NIC
  • Ofcom
  • Constructionline