Slow internet is frustrating and reduces productivity! - don’t put up with it!

Our business grade ethernet and broadband products provide reliability, scalability and exceptional speeds. With wholesale access to diverse  fibre and copper networks across the UK and Europe, our services ensure maximum availability and redundancy.

  • Ethernet

    Ethernet provides a flexible and scalable option allowing you to guarantee the bandwidth your business needs from 10Mbps to 1Gbps.

    • Fibre Ethernet
    • Copper Ethernet (EFM)
    • MPLS/VPLS & Internet Breakout
  • Broadband

    Our ADSL options are available at speeds of up to 80Mbps with advanced services such as fibre to the cabinet.

    • Fibre Broadband (FTTC)
    • ADSL2+ and Annex M
    • Traffic prioritisation service
    • Enhanced service levels
  • Project Services

    Our experts will oversee any network related project or programme of delivery. They’ll help keep things on track by identifying and mitigating upfront risks, planning delivery steps in advance and keep you informed.



Push back the boundaries and enjoy the freedom to thrive... wirelessly.

Wi-Fi technology can liberate your business, but you must cater for the smartphones, laptops and tablets now being used in the workplace. We can help you to keep pace with demand easily, thanks to faster, stronger and more secure connectivity for single or multiple locations.

  • Managed Wi-Fi Solutions

    With any network, whatever the size, it’s important to be able to control it. We can help you to manage your Wi-Fi appropriately.

    • Offer guest Wi-Fi zones
    • Restrict unsuitable content
    • Manage bandwidth to ensure a consistent connection for all
    • Live monitoring by our in house Support team
  • Cloud Wi-Fi Solutions

    When a business grows in size their Wi-Fi also needs to be able to expand, we can give you complete visibility over your entire network.

    • Control guest landing page
    • Secure options for credit card transactions
    • Control individual user accounts and set restrictions or give access rights
    • Accurate real time reporting on usage
Network Hardware

Network Hardware

Do you want a reliable and powerful network, able to flex easily and deliver outstanding performance?

TwistedPair’s local and wide area portfolio provides affordable and reliable solutions designed for maximum performance and scalability. Available in managed and unmanaged packages, we make it easy to connect your staff and resources.

  • Switching

    A complete line of products providing
    superior reliability, proven performance and comprehensive features that help reduce complexity.

  • Network Security

    A complete set of security solutions that address todays sophisticated security threats at the perimeter and interior of your business.

  • Routers

    We provide a robust array of wide area connectivity options, easy to use VPN capabilities and comprehensive security features.

Accreditation & Registered Partners

  • Bisca
  • Cisco
  • Infocom
  • NIC
  • Ofcom
  • Constructionline